OGEMA Model Reference Cases

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Below this page several reference cases for setting up OGEMA Resource structures are provided with some documentation. In some cases also a link to the Resource View of the respective OGEMA reference system is provided. Reference cases that are not yet publicly available can be accessed by members of the OGEMA Alliance here.

Public Reference Cases

SampleHome with PV, Battery and Electric Vehicle

Sample Home Heat Control Installation

Automated Full List of Reference Cases (for Registered Users)

Standard documentation elements

The Resource View is the standard tool to generate the resource graphs used for documentation here. Usually screen shots are copied into a tool like Libre/Open Office Presenter or Microsoft Powerpoint, given additional explanatory elements and thus saved as pictures to be included into the wiki. Standard elements to be added that are not visible in the screen shot:

  • Resource Link destinations
  • S : Identification of schedules
  • D: Resources/Values provided by a driver (usually the driver for which the documentation is made)
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