Developing for the SmartrplaceBox

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For now we have tested a first app on the development system from Eclipse. Now you learn how to test your app on your SmartrplaceBox. When you successfully tested it on your local SmartrplaceBox you should also make the OGEMA-App available to other OGEMA users via the OGEMA-Marketplace. This will be explained at the end of this page.

Loading your OGEMA-App on your local SmartrplaceBox

Log into your SmartrplaceBox. On the Home Screen open the SecurityGUI App


Go to Bundle Installation, then "Install a local bundle File". Find the source code of your app on your hard disk and go to the target folder, where you should find the latest build of your jar file. Select this. Now you have to confirm permissions: Set "Check All" and click "Save settings" at the bottom of the page.


Upload and installation may take some time, but after several seconds or a minute you should get a success message:


Then click "Start Bundle", again you should get a success message (Start succeeded). When you now reload the home screen you should be able to see your app (probably somewhere towards the end, but not necessarily as the last tile).

Debugging your application on the SmartrplaceBox

Put log messages and configure via Framework Administration -> Logger Configuration. You can see Logger Cache there, but not access Log Files.
You can use the Resource Backup & Cleaner App to download ogx backup files.

  • Get config.xml-based rundir that represents your SmartrplaceBox
  • Put ogx backup files from your box into the replay-on-clean of your rundir
  • Check (Planned Feature: Let them read from the Box)
    To automatically apply suitable resources to simulation put into
    org.ogema.sim.simulateRemoteGateway = true
  • If you just want to apply simulation to single resources go to the Simulation GUI, click "Create new simulated object" in the suitable simulation provider and enter the resource location as new resource name. Then no new resource will be created, but the existing one will be connected to the simulation provider.
  • Debug the system in Eclipse

Check the version of applications on your Box

  • On the Homescreen for each application you see version information, e.g. "2.1.1.SNAPSHOT-20161202181559". This indicates that the update package was built on Dec 2nd, 2016 at 18:15:59.
  • For bundles not shown on Homescreen and Application Administration you can see this information and more details on the felix webconsole. In the web browser open:
    https://<IP/URL of Box>:8443/system/console/bundles
    For user/password enter admin/admin, then you see the console:


Publishing your OGEMA-App to the OGEMA-Marketplace

Coming Soon!

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