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OGEMA Model Extension Process

Developers are constantly providing new data models, utilily classes and widgets for the OGEMA framework and the SDK actively supports this (in the OGEMA Section of the package explorer context menu go to "Propose New or Updated Data Model", which can also be used to propose new utility classes etc.). The OGEMA Alliance reviews such contributions and works towards making them accessible with the general OGEMA framwork. In contrast to custom models that are only known to a single application data models that are part of the "proposed" projects of the OGEMA Alliance participants can already be used for app interaction although developers have to prepated that the API may still be changed during the review process (see "OGEMA API Scope" below). 

The review process is organized the OGEMA Model Extension Process (available to OGEMA Alliance partners only).


The standard SDK search covers the OGEMA core framework and some data models and extensions that are widely accepted within the OGEMA Alliance. This API can be found on https://www.ogema-source.net/apidocsextended/. The OGEMA Alliance collects further contributions of data models, utility classes and widgets that may also be very helpful for your development, but may just have been contributed and reviewed by a single developer. This additions may undergo changes in their API when reviewed by the OGEMA Alliance in order to adpt them into the general OGEMA API. You should device depending on the requirements of your project which extensions you are ready to use. The complete extended API (including the classes that are covered by the standard SDK scope) is provided on  https://www.ogema-source.net/apidocsexperimental/. To set the SDK to search in this full-scale add an entry in the form "org.smartrplace.sdk.javadocurl=ogema-source.net%2Fapidocs%2Fexperimental commons.apache.org%2Fproper%2Fcommons-io%2Fjavadocs%2Fapi-2.5" into the config.ini file of your SDK eclipse installation ( <BASE_DIRECTORY>/eclipse/config/config.ini). If you have contributions that should be included into this documentation please submit them either via the SDK (Project Context Menu->OGEMA->Propose New or updated data model). This process can also be used to propose utility classes or widgets. You can also directly describe your proposal on Github creating an Issue. As shown above this allows to include further Javadoc locations of useful bundles included into OGEMA.

For some of the experimental classes and concepts tutorials are already available. See SDK Tutorial Overview Experimental for an overview of these tutorials.

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