Reproduction of Error or Development Situations of Productive Systems on Development PCs

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The simple reproduction of errors on a productive system on the development PC or setting up an environment for developing new productive functionalities is a major feature of the OGEMA environment.


Standard step-by-step

  • Checkout the respective development rundir from Git.
  • Check that productive and development config.xmls and files are the same except for documented or obivious deviations between productive and development rundirs. For comparison copy the productive files e.g. into the toplevel directory of the rundir in Eclipse, select the two files to compare (e.g. config.xml and config/config.xml) and use in context menu Compare with -> each other. Delete the copied file from the toplevel directory of the rundir after finishing the task, make sure not to commit these files to Git.
  • Find the wiki page providing documentation for the project, build the rundir accordingly
  • Make a backup of the resource database with the Resource Backup and Cleander up and reload it via replay-on-clean directory in Eclipse
  • Copy slotsDB if relevant
  • Copy other relevant settings files
  • Set property org.ogema.defaultclock.timestamp so that the development rundir is always started at the time at which data was copied from the productive system or at which the error was observed
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