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39 39  === Adding a new email report / alarm for an evaluation ===
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43 +=== Evaluation of Gateway's state by collected messages ===
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45 +Unexpected errors could be occurred in operating gateways and server. The alarm messages wake us up to react to errors within a day after problematic situation in terms of everyday monitoring. If you proceed this in long term, then you will have amounts of messages. Collecting the alarming messages and evaluating these in a given term, you can have a feedback, which gateway has fundamentally problem in there functionality and how fast we reacted them. Furthermore it would raise the reliability at analyzing the results of important values of the competition. For the statistic evaluation you don’t need any other software skills. It can be easily done in Microsoft-Excel.
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47 +**Overview for errors in gateways**
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49 +A diagram for when errors occurred in gateways and how many days took to be fixed will help you to get an overview. You have collected the messages and they are enough for your wished period. Then you can build a table in excel writing numbers of gateways in column and dates in row. You can insert the short name of datatype, which had errors, in the right cell after gateway’s number and the date. Make the cell background light red. Before the day of resolving it, make the cells for next days in the same way. On the day of resolving you can fill the cell green without text. After this process for all gateways and the period you will have an overview better than listing of texts.
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51 +At the same time it would be also important, how many errors were occurred in a day and how often errors in a gateway in the period. For the evaluation of number of errors in a day, you can use the function ‘ANZAHL2’, which counts cells only with texts in appointed range. In the row under the Gateways you can adapt this function. Write this once on the first cell and drag this until last day of the period. Excel will automatically copy it for next columns. Now you will see the number of errors for every day in your period. The evaluation for the number of errors in a gateway in the period can be done in the same way but in the column after dates.
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53 +This is one of the methods you can make an overview. If you have other methods or skills you can use them. With this date you can make statistic graphics. The two weeks and monthly terms will give you a good feedback for the gateway’s status.