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1 -OGEMA Messaging Configuration
1 +The application Evaluation-Offline-Control provides KPI-results for the gateways executing automatic evaluation every day. This is the essential page for evaluating everyday values in gateways. About Evaluation-Offline-Control you can refer to this page: [[Evaluation Offline Control App>>]]. In this application the values are tabled after the type of values and the range of the gateways. If you have only a few gateways it will be not difficult to find changes of values in daily values, otherwise you will have to dedicate fairly your working time on looking for these and it could be not always exact. For this reason, automated alarming to monitor gateway’s state is necessary. This alarm message will be provided by emails once a day after executing daily evaluation in server.
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4 +=== What information is contained in messages? ===
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6 +The alarming mail contains information of the variation, if there are some changes of values in a gateway between last two days. All the valid** **values should be maintained in transferring the data from gateway or databank to the server. E.g. the number of sensors of a gateway should be arrived to the server under total amount of sensors and furthermore their quality, so called good-data or gold-data, should be guaranteed. Sometimes they are related each other, so one deteriorated or improved data type leads to another value types changes. Mostly you will receive two mails, one is for the thermostat-data-quality and one for the electric meter, rexometer.
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9 +=== Manual generating and simulating the message ===
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11 +It is already programmed to make an email after auto-evaluation, but you can also do this manually in the server-website. You can simulate sending messages in your local pc and sending a message in real server is also very similar. You can read the section ‘Automail von Semaserver’ in this page. Here you can learn how to set the sender and receiver and where to find send message button in the application: [[Support Infrastructure and Processes>>]]
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13 +After following the steps in above link, you will receive the mail. However, please notice the sending messages should be done after daily evaluation. If you want to get an email before the auto-evaluation and send an email to your email account, you will receive an email with a lot of incorrect message lines, because this mailing service is for today’s evaluation, not for the yesterday’s. In the email with right information you can read changes, which values in which gateways are jumped up or fell down. From these alarms you have to consider what is the reason of occurring the errors and how can you fix it, if the alarm reports errors. More about the evaluation for occurring and resolving errors in a given period, e.g. a week, a month or a year, with the messages, refer to this page: [TODO: create a new page in intern site].
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16 +=== How to develop messaging configuration ===
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18 +You may have better ideas how we more efficiently monitor by messaging and want to edit settings or add some information. You should just modify the right codes on your local pc and adapt to the server. You can modify the code in the path [/timeseries-dataquality-analysis/src/main/java/org/ogema/timeseries/provider/tsquality]. After then replace the source in server. Replacement the source in server and update the server: [TODO: insert the link serverupdate-page]