System and Support Apps

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OGEMA comes with several applications that support system administration, testing, debugging, analysis etc. This page provides an overview on these applications. If the application is introduced in the tuorial, a link is provided on the respective tutorial page.

Working with Resources

  • Resource View as part of the OGEMA framework administration: display the complete Resource graph in a tree structure (inefficient for large productive systems, but useful for development)
  • Resource Backup and Cleaner: Backup OGEMA Resources into XML files; used to re-build the OGEMA resource tree for clean starting during app development, and for backups in productive systems
  • Resource Tree Manipulator: Change the value of resources, create new resources, activate/deactivate resources, delete resources
  • OGEMA ref-impl :: REST / OGEMA REST tool: Use the REST interface to view, create and manipulate resources, perform all supported HTTP actions of the REST interface; useful for testing and developing machine to machine communication, e.g. between smartphones and OGEMA gateways.
  • PatternDebugger: View status of pattern requests and potential resources matching

Data Logging and Simulation

  • ScheduleViewer: Show content of schedules and data logs; Schedule Viewer basic is provided as a fork with the same functionality
    Specialized schedule viewers can also be provided, e.g. Room log data viewer
  • Grafana Log data visualization: An alternative log data visualisation tool. Supports online update with incoming new data, CSV export etc. On start-up shows all data logs, so configuration to see what you want may be a bit more difficult than with ScheduleViewer
  • Logging App / logging configuration (see also the page in the OGEMA Wiki): Basic configuration of log data
  • Simulation GUI: View and configure simulated devices

Device, Room, User management etc.

  • Room Link App: Move devices in their room, create and edit rooms, start pairing mode for radio-based drivers
  • Device configuration app: Set name of a device
  • Sensor-Actor-Overview: Shows all sensors and actors of types implemented in the application that are available on the OGEMA system with their fundamental data (overview table). Note: Application needs review

App installation, Permission management and System Health


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